Project Feed the Thousands | Putney Foodshelf
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Putney Foodshelf

About This Project

The Putney Foodshelf began in 2006 as a local, grass-root response to a growing awareness that many of our neighbors were hungry. The Foodshelf has gone from providing supplemental food for a handful of families to regularly serving seventy-five± families weekly. Our mission: To provide supplemental healthy food for area people in need.

The Foodshelf is open Tuesdays 6–7pm and Saturdays 9–10am at the Putney Community Center, 10 Christian Square [side ramp door].

Change the contact information:
What we need
Take off Baby food, juices, diapers and formula (we haven’t had babies coming through in a while)
I‘ll be in touch with Drew Leno about collection box/cash box ideas in Putney and will get one of our volunteers to e-mail Leigha weekly (EOB Tuesdays) on results November 1-Dec 31st. If we have events or special shout outs I’ll be in touch with you.